pinterest likeys

oh, pinterest!  you are a tease!
and how 'bout something healthy and fresh to remind you of summer! :)

Valentines Decorations

This frame has become a spot that I change from season to season and holiday to holiday.  That wasn't my original intention, but I have really enjoyed coming up with fun little projects for it.
 The pallet mantel got an update as well.  These were things that I already had hanging out in the basement, or various other places.
Have I ever mentioned how much I love Picasa photo editing?  With the future demise of Picnik, or rather their change over to Google+, I was pleased to find a lot of Picnik's fun features on Picasa.


Pinterest Knock-off

I love me some Pinterest.
One could spend hours and hours on it.  It's a great place to find crazy fun ideas...then head to your favorite thrift stores and knock-it off.

Here are five fave pins that I am loving right now.
(not finding the original source for this one...I tried)
This church pew is so fun and unexpected.  A great place for an entryway to rest those cute little feet. 
{unskinny boppy}
 I am excited about this one, because I found a wooden crate at Savers a few months ago for 5 bucks and change.  You could easily make this crate out of scrap wood as well.  It's a fun and unexpected addition to the room.
You can find old doors at a place like ReStore.  This would make a fabulous pantry door.  Cut it in half and you have a super fab dutch door.
Hit up your electrician for those empty spools, wrap it in some cute, thrifted fabric and you have an eclectic side table.  Spray paint a little birdie gold and perch it a top an old book to complete the look.
{original source not found}
My husband was absolutely giddy about  grunting over these hooks.  Can you imagine the garage or workshop with these puppies on the walls?  Manly hooks.  The toolbox might just be missing some spare tools soon.


Bountiful Baskets for dinner

 Here are the spoils of yesterday's bountiful basket.  We got a standard basket plus an Italian vegetable pack.  Including the handling fee of $1.50, all of this yummy produce cost only $25.  I was so exited to see all the fresh herbs in the Italian pack.  Shortly after taking this picture, my kids gobbled up all the blackberries, and half the grapes.  

Tonight for dinner my daughter Ellie helped me make a yummy pasta salad using the tomatoes and fresh basil.  We made a balsamic dressing, using some of the fresh oregano, to toss in.

We also made a super yummy vegetable spread by sauteing onions, mushrooms, zucchini, and garlic in olive oil.  Bountiful baskets has fantastic organic 9 grain bread that I stock up on.    

Ellie is only 4 years old, but wants to chop and stir and help with everything.  My mom gave me a manual food processor for Christmas so she can help chop things up for me safely.

Dinner was cheap, delicious, fresh, and healthy tonight thanks to Bountiful Baskets.
Did I mention that the whole time we made dinner, I was holding a sick almost-one year old.  Girl power.  

New Years Goals

We all make them...and try to keep them for at least a day, right?  They usually involve losing weight, eating better, early to bed, early to rise, spend less, save more, yada yada yada.  My husband and I have a running joke about our resolutions at the new year:  Diet 2012!....then we fall off the wagon and start Diet 2012 v2.0.....whoops, did I just eat a whole bag of chocolate.....Diet 2012 v3.0....and so on.  We usually get to v7.0 by the end of January. :)  Sadly, we are probably on Diet 2012 v12.0, which starts tomorrow (because it always starts tomorrow).  There's always Chinese New Year on the 23rd, right?  This year, I want to:

Oh, the rain!  This has some hidden meaning to it.  I don't like to get my hair wet when it's not washing day.  I also don't like to fail, so if I think it might happen, I quit.  I am afraid of success.  So, essentially I want to make it a goal this year to try my best not to give up and not to be afraid of succeeding or failing.

Drinking more water this year will be easier with the $.79 stainless steel water bottle that I scored at 90% off.
I do enjoy the clearance aisle!