$20 gigantic pillow

One day, Paul came home with a HUGE stack of free foam.  I wish I would have gotten a picture of the foam and the huge mess that it made as we sat for hours and hours tearing it up into little pieces.  Our arms were sore the next day.  It seems like an overwhelming project at first, but all I did was make a regular pillow, but giant size.
{My 21 pound little chunkers}

We gave it to the kids on Christmas day and made sure that they knew it came from Mom and Dad, not Santa.  The jolly fat old man was not getting any credit for this one!
 For kicks, I put it on the couch.  The little pillows measure about eighteen inches.  The giganto pillow is 4 ft 8 in and loads of fun!

Total project cost: $20

Chevron fabric
Elephant fabric

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OH...Clearance Chistmas Tree

We were able to purchase this pre-lit Christmas tree a couple years ago at 75% off.  Love a good deal!  
With Christmas money this year, we got an early (and LONG awaited) present....a new camera.  We are busy learning the ropes of this fancy new treasure.  Mr.  Junkyard was playing with the settings and snapped our tree in all it's spledor.  Thanks to lil blue boo and Unskinny Boppy, who both have great posts on taking great photos of your Christmas tree.

Speaking of lil blue boo, Ashley is such an inspiration to me through her "choose joy" journey with cancer.    What an amazing woman!

Junkyard frenzy!

We call our basement The Junkyard.  It's full of crap.  Good crap.  We thrift.  We rescue furniture off the road.  We have a strange obsession with taking things off of other people's hands.  The clearance aisle is the first stop.  Then we put it in our basement.  Or in the side yard.  It often sits for a while and gathers dust, but every once in a while, we put this free/cheap stuff to use!