Bountiful Baskets for dinner

 Here are the spoils of yesterday's bountiful basket.  We got a standard basket plus an Italian vegetable pack.  Including the handling fee of $1.50, all of this yummy produce cost only $25.  I was so exited to see all the fresh herbs in the Italian pack.  Shortly after taking this picture, my kids gobbled up all the blackberries, and half the grapes.  

Tonight for dinner my daughter Ellie helped me make a yummy pasta salad using the tomatoes and fresh basil.  We made a balsamic dressing, using some of the fresh oregano, to toss in.

We also made a super yummy vegetable spread by sauteing onions, mushrooms, zucchini, and garlic in olive oil.  Bountiful baskets has fantastic organic 9 grain bread that I stock up on.    

Ellie is only 4 years old, but wants to chop and stir and help with everything.  My mom gave me a manual food processor for Christmas so she can help chop things up for me safely.

Dinner was cheap, delicious, fresh, and healthy tonight thanks to Bountiful Baskets.
Did I mention that the whole time we made dinner, I was holding a sick almost-one year old.  Girl power.  

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